Saying Goodbye to the LeBron Jokes

Chances are you woke up this morning (probably hungover on someone else’s couch wondering how the f*** you got there) feeling like you do every morning, but you are wrong, the world has lost another great tradition that we have celebrated for nearly a decade: Goodbye to the LeBron James jokes.  Adios to LeBron being the butt of every NBA Finals quip, ciao to the “LeBron has no rings LOL” puns, and sayonara to the King James “can’t give you change for a dollar because he doesn’t have a 4th quarter” tomfoolery (thesauruses are cool) .  Today is truly a sad day for the meme industry.

So in memory of the past nine years of LeBron being the anti-Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite LeBron James jokes.

Q: What time does Lebron James go to sleep?
A: A quarter after 3

Q: Why does LeBron only eat boneless buffalo wings?
A: Because he has a tendency to choke

Apple has just released the LeBron James iPhone.  Only Vibrates.  No Rings.

LeBron James will release his autobiography as soon as he comes up with a title.

A simple Google search will come up with over 700,000 sites dedicated just to that, looks like they’ll be shutting down like the club that Tony Parker sued after Chris Brown and Drakes alleged brawl.

LeBron does deserve all the credit for his amazing series against a team that many NBA experts did not have them winning.  A year ago, he was antagonizing all the ‘haters’ after a collapse versus the Dallas Mavericks, now LeBron has rightfully earned his most elusive prize, an NBA Championship.

Delusional Laker fans (Yes, I’m a Laker fan and sometimes delusional) will blow up your social networks with their blind hate for a player that has surpassed Kobe and his team and compare his one ring vs Kobe’s five, but at age 27 LeBron and Michael Jordan both earned their first ring (no I’m not comparing the two).

He may not have won two, or three, or four, or five, but today is a day where we congratulate the Prince on becoming the King of the NBA, at least for the next year and mourn the loss of our beloved LeBron No Ring Jokes but at least we have his receding hairline to laugh at!

-Lance Cartelli

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