The Doomsday Cocktail

I don’t know what it is about Fluxx, party buses and going out on #TT (Thirsty Thursday’s) that makes me an over zealous five year old. One thing I’ve learned from this miserable day is that fatigue, cross fit and alcohols (damn you @swarshaw321!) don’t mix very well; which is how I came up with The Doomsday Cocktail. But before I get into that hot-mess I need you to bear with me as I recap the night.
4:45 PM:  GO TIME! I bolted straight home for what was supposed to be a quick workout and out the door by 6:30PM with a fifth of vodka in one hand and cactus cooler (world’s greatest chaser) in the other. So what really happened you might ask? SLT (Standard Levi Time); for those of you unfamiliar with the term it was coined by the very same people I call “my friends” for the simple fact that I always run late!
7:30 PM: Now I’m with no vodka, no chaser and extremely fatigued from working out (it was day 4 of cross fit/soccer/conditioning.) By the time we rounded up the troops, got “El Gordo” motivated to get off his @**and ready to go clubbing as well as stop by a friend’s house for a quick pregame the clock had struck 9! Fast forward to this morning.
6 AM: Waking up to @TRISHlikeFISH is yelling some O-Team chant and @123BrianB rambling some hoopla speech he’s supposed to give in two hours time. So what happened between 9PM till 6AM? The Doomsday Cocktail, the perfect combination of fatigue, alcohol and #DerpStepbeats! It’s still hard to make out what exactly took place but somehow in the midst of things I spent too much at the bar, gorged on pizza (diet ruined!) and saw my friend @userfrk4455 grind a midget (unverified). So if you ever want to experience one of these famous mixology cocktails; gather the following ingredients:
  • Overwork your body by signing up to a cross fit/body boot camp class that will leave you walking bowlegged 

  • Have a plethora of alcohol (the more tequila the better!)

  • Have an entourage whose only purpose in life is to see your demise

P.S. the cure is what I call a “filthy” iced chai (3 espresso shots!)  ENJOY >:)
Notable mention thanks @whatdeeheck for the car ride and “organic” lotion
– Levi Martinez aka @mrcasualhipster

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I am a college student at CSUSM

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  1. You forgot to include Dheck in this entry!

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