The time is now CR7!

The time is now CR7!

After I begrudgingly sat through 3 hours of what seemed like AYSO soccer watching the two worst teams left in the Euro Cup tournament I could not help but let my mind wonder about what lay ahead.
It’s not to take away anything from Andrea Pirlo’s brilliant performance, the fact that the 33 year old was able to assert his dominance as the most talented man on the pitch speaks volume of just how far behind both squads are for the world cup in 2014.
The highlight of the one sided match was Pirlos “Panenka” penalty which showed the world how the perfect combination of experience, cunningness and elegance can make your opponent crumble like a cookie when pressure is put on them. It’s sad however that the man known as “The Architect” had no construction workers to carry out his plan*.
Now the anticipated match between the returning champs (Spain) vs. a hopeful Portuguese side will take place on one of the biggest soccer stages.
Spain, the pass maestro’s, look to continue their streak of utter dominance (2008 Euro Cup winners, 2010 World Cup winners) and be the only team two win back-to-back Euro Cup finals (AKA Boring!) However if they are caught looking too far ahead they might just be surprised by the chosen one, Cristiano Ronaldo.
CR7 has been heavily criticized as a selfish diva like player who thinks he is God’s gift to the soccer world. He has publicly stated he believes he is much more talented than the Argentinean Lionel Messi (Barcelona’s crown jewel) so much so that this blogger thinks the criticism is partially deserved. However when he’s able to put his ego to the side (rarely happens) and allow his team to help him the ”GQ looking/chiseled body/would-husband (no-homo) simply brilliant soccer stud” can perhaps lace one of his knuckle like balls into the back of net while holding up his middle finger to all the haters, the critics, the die-hard Barcelona fans who doubted that the bad boy of soccer could not do it alone.
Yes Cristiano, the time is now! So go on and go forth and show us that you can have it all…the looks, the charisma, the non-believers, the money, the perfect hair and above all the skill…the skill to make it and perhaps win the Euro Cups Final. I bid you adieu!

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