Everything Euro 2012!

Thank god its the weekend! Before I began my European Cup 2012 recap and predictions, I wanted to take a moment of silence for the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo and his perfect hair won’t be joining us for the finale……..Now where were we!

Yes Spain vs Portugal on Wednesday might have been the battle of the best hair in all of sports and as we know the Spanish came out victorious. If you’ve ever played flip cup you know there is always pressure on being the anchor (last to flip) but the fact of the matter is that Portugal needed Cristiano earlier; because it does nobody any good to have the spotlight on you when you never get a chance to step up.

Super Mario Balotelli!!!! If you missed his two goals click here the HIGHLIGHT
I don’t even know where to begin, Germany was heavily favored to win this game but don’t tell that to the man known as “The Architect.” Italy came out guns blazing, they had a plan and executed to perfection. Balotelli might of been known for setting his apartment on fire back in 2011 but all that vanished when he burnt down the Germans hopes with his scorcher in the 36th minute.

Spain vs Italy!

And now it comes to this — Sunday Spain faces an unlikely opponent in Italy. While both have been dealing with the Euro crisis back home (explain or link?); one county will be awarded one more night of drunken debauchery before waking up with a slight hangover and realizing that unemployment has arisen another .2 percent (that reminds me it’s Friday, time to brown out at Cap’n Keno’s!)

The question now becomes can the Diva Mario Balotelli, a man who I thought could have been the first player to score a hat trick and receive a red card in Euro Cup history, play out of his mind (should be something normal for him) once more or did we just see his flame go out? If anyone has anything to say about it it’s Andrea Pirlo. The corner piece of the Italian offense, the maestro of the pass. A man whose brilliance has sparked life into an Italian side that was ridiculed after all its allegations (Explain or link). Yes the 33 year-old crafty veteran had his construction workers follow his blue print and build his castle and I think we’re about to be treated to his grand masterpiece. So brush up on your Italian for the “pura bellezza del calcio” is about to be revealed this Sunday. 


p.s. click here ->X<-  for a little Italian treat >:) — link doesn’t work

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