The Future is Now in the NBA

Are you a person that loves sequels?  Do you enjoy every summer movie season with sequels on top of sequels? Are you patiently waiting for Saw VIII where people get brutally dismembered and inevitably killed while waiting on the edge of your seat for the plot twist? Do you like answering rhetorical questions? Am I asking too many questions? (Yes)

If so, you are going to love the NBA for the next five to ten years.  If not, from October until June you might want to start a dynasty on NBA 2K13-23 and trade all your shitty players for your favorite players (don’t act like you never did this).

The Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder are the present and future of the NBA.  After the Miami Heat won the title a couple weeks ago, there was a monumental shift in the basketball world.  No longer is height the end-all-be-all of basketball, having two 7-footers Ala ‘The Twin Towers’ of the San Antonio Spurs dynasty, Tim Duncan and David Robinson, or ‘The Ostrich The Lazy Ass‘ of the dominant Los Angeles Lakers.  Now it’s athleticism.  Who runs the fastest, who jumps the highest, who has LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook.

The scariest part for why these two teams can and probably will be next two rival dynasties to go head-to-head for the next decade in basketball is the youth, athleticism, and will for the Thunder. For the Heat, it’s simple LeBron actually figured out how to use his unparalleled athleticism, NFL tight end body, and God-given talent.  The only aspect missing from LeBron’s game was learning how to put it all together, and he did.

Let’s start with the Heat and why they can be the next dynasty in a sport filled with dynasties and three-peats:

They figured it out and the best part is it was involuntary.  When the Heat were struggling it was due to the fact that LeBron and DWade couldn’t play together, they are similar players and somehow could not put the puzzle pieces together, but then Wade’s bum knee slowed him down and LeBron had to take over. Wade had to take a step back and be Pippen to LeBron’s Michael Jordan (still not comparing them).  When it clicked was LeBron’s Game 6 vs the Boston Celtics, his Man’s Game, his game where everything clicked, his game where he flipped the proverbial switch. He dropped 45, 15, and 5 (!) against his biggest rival.  Watching  it was like when Neo from The Matrix got up after being shot a ridiculous number of times by Mr. Smith and he started seeing The Matrix and then stopped bullets, jumped through Mr. Smith and made the agents run away like little girls*.  LeBron now sees in the Matrix and that is terrifying if you aren’t on the LeBron Express Bandwagon**.   Miami knows exactly who they are now, LeBron is their new ‘point-forward’, Chris Bosh is the starting center, DWade is Pippen, and the rest of guys have to make 3’s, simple as that.

*Spoiler Alert, but if you haven’t seen The Matrix then shame on you, you deserve the ending to be ruined. BTW, that is one of the coolest scenes ever.

**The conductor of the LeBron Express Bandwagon is none other than Morgan Eugene Lawler.  The caboose you ask?  Levi Martinez, of course.

The one team that has the ability to stop the Heat from getting not one, not two, not three…(you get the point) is the Oklahoma City Thunder.  OKC has the speed, athleticism and talent to dwarf the Miami Heat, the only problem is they didn’t have the experience, and after losing in 5 to Miami they are a little more seasoned.  The Thunder are the 2011 equivalent of the Miami Heat — the inexperienced team getting beat-down by the vets who have been there before.  The only difference, the Thunder have a core of Kevin Durant (23), Russell Westbrook (23), Serge Ibaka (22), James Harden (22) — all of which are younger than me (it pains me to write that sentence).

In no way am I saying I can tell the future or that I’m Miss Cloe, but this is how the NBA operates, in dynasties.  The NBA is synonymous with the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Chicago Bulls and both these teams have the ability and potential to be in the same sentence (I just did it) when it’s all said and done.

– Lance Cartelli

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  1. Beautiful. Especially calling out Mo and Levi, bahahaha.

  2. Hahhaha Levi is the casual Charger fan of basketballMo Mo has stuck with LBJ the whole time though got to admit..

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