Top Reasons to Watch the MLB All Star Game/Week

Ah yes, the crack of the bat, hot dog smell in the air and the beer is following as Kansas City, Mo at Kauffman Stadium (sure, let’s put the ASG in the most humid city right now) is set to welcome the games future and present all stars this week. You may be thinking “Hey, why am I reading this?” or “It’s baseball, who cares”, “Man, I’m hungry” well you’re right you are hungry and yes it is baseball and it’s not all that exciting to everyone but I want to give you reasons and other alternatives for entertainment so let’s not totally turn off quite yet people.

1. All Star Celebrity Softball Game:

Everyone enjoys some follies or bloopers from time to time, right? Well think of the celebrity softball game as the TMZ of baseball, plenty of stars from baseballs past and current celebrities living their dreams of being on a professional diamond (train wreck waiting to happen right?). Oh and did I mention seeing Kate Upton play as well.

2. “This time, it counts”

This has been the slogan for years and it gives incentive to fans who’s teams are still it in by this time (if your team is out of it just like mine then it’s skip or DVR to your lone all star representative) but if you’re a baseball connoisseur like myself you’ll watch anyway for the National or American league to win. The winner gets home field advantage in this year’s World Series. Besides, it beats the hell out of watching the NFL Pro Bowl.

3. “Back, back, back, back it’s gone!”

Chicks dig the long ball.. with corked bats and stimulated baseballs (real mature). What makes baseball so tolerable for fans is seeing someone hit a ball almost 500 feet regardless if they’re on roids or if the bats are corked. Plus I enjoy how funny Chris Berman’s voice can modulate with his breathing along with when he throws back some “Deux Deux Deux’s” during a break. (Thanks to PFT for always mentioning this)

Well let’s make the best out of this year’s mid-summer classic. Unless you’re working like me (luckily at a TV News station) these nights of the all-star festivities, why not throw a BBQ or go to a sports bar, after all it is summer and why not enjoy summer with some company. This can give you a reason to watch and not feel like such a baseball nerd like myself, maybe even talk to females finally after reading Kelsey Cross’s advice posts. (It’s not you Cross, it’s me)

– Ryan Pedersen

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Senior writer for CasuallyGinger, and Covering San Diego sports, popular topics and just mainly sports as my passion.

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  1. EXACTLY. My favorite time of the year besides October.

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