Slow Your Roll Laker Fans

Champions of the Off-season, it’s a nice title and gives fans a sense of hope for the upcoming season, but ask the Philadelphia Eagles (recent Champions of the Off-season) what kind of trophy they got for winning the off-season.

That’s why Los Angeles Lakers fans need to take a deep breath and stop trying to figure out what ring size Steve Nash wears.  

I’m not saying that this isn’t a great trade, it is for the Lakers.  Steve Nash is a future hall-of-famer and the greatest point guard that has ever suited up with Kobe Bryant.

(Hold on…a huge BUT is coming…)

BUT (ah, there it is), he is 38(!) years old, has a history of back issues, and contemplated retirement as of a couple weeks ago.  After signing a three year, 27 million dollar deal he’ll be playing with the Lakers until he is  41(!!) years old, joining the AARP and wondering what time The Price is Right is on every day**.

**BTW, I absolutely love TPIR and if I didn’t have a stupid thing they call a job I would DVR the crap outta that show, I miss you Bob Barker, we’ll always have Happy Gilmore.

This trade also makes the Lakers even older, while giving up four picks that very well could’ve helped the Lakeshow get younger and more athletic.  As I wrote earlier in the week, the NBA is now all about athleticism and, I’m sorry, but 38 year old point guards lack that essential quality.

But enough of being a huge Debbie Downer, I believe this firmly puts the Lakers as the second best team in the West behind the Oklahoma City Thunder and the third best team in the league behind OKC and the Miami Heat.  It also takes a huge amount of pressure off of Kobe Bryant, no longer does he have to run the whole offense while bringing the ball up court and getting double and triple teamed, now Nash can run the offense and use his superior passing skills to get the ball inside to Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol (if either of them are on the team in October) and Nash and Gasol running pick-and-roll is absolutely deadly especially when you have to worry about Bynum and Kobe.

There’s also the possibility of trading for Dwight Howard. The likely trade would have the parameters of Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace for Dwight Howard and Quentin Richardson, Richardson would provide outside shooting but little else and the Lakers get rid of two crazies in exchange for one crazy.  Only one little problem, Howard is coming off back surgery and they do not know when he’ll be back or how healthy that back is, kind of a big deal when you pretty much propped your championship window open three more years.

All-in-all it’s a trade that the Lakers had to make and gives them a shot for the next three years, and never  underestimate super competitive guys like Kobe and Nash.  Just beware before you buy your Laker championship gear for 2013 and let the season at least start people.

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