2012 San Diego Chargers Season Preview

Will the 2012 San Diego Chargers Be Super?

“It’s like a lightning bolt, hit the tip of my penis”

Hopefully you enjoyed that nice little Step Brothers quote. Because usually that’s how every season ends for you San Diegoans.. San Diegoities. Our beautiful city of Saint Diago has been in a drought for the post-season just like our rain seasons here, and we can use a little thunder and lightning, heck anything!

2012 has been an interesting off-season for the Bolts, adding and subtracting. It’s been one of the most active off-seasons in the AJ Smith dictatorial regime. Now it’s time to put up or shut up with probably the most competitive AFC West in awhile. The Chargers got lucky pre-2010 I feel with teams on the rebuild/horrible front office moves and drafts. But now Denver has Peyton Manning, The Chiefs arguably are the most talented team in the AFC West on paper and the Raiders swept the AFC West in 2010 and have taken the last three of four from the Bolts. No matter how this season turns out for the Chargers (I’ll say it now before you guys kill me) but I just do not see A.J. or Norv Turner fired at the end of the year if the season goes in the toilet.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The Chargers do have some talent left, young and old and will compete in every game this year you can guarantee that. But in order to stay successful the Bolts have to be healthy. Of course the cliché is everyone plays hurt but really, the Chargers HAVE to stay healthy and it’s already taken a toll this preseason with Mathews (Shoulder) Brown (Ankle) and the newest injury as of Monday, Nick Hardwick (Concussion).

Now, let’s look at players this year that I really like and you should watch for and the issues that worry me and could very well hurt this team unless they step up.


3. Shareece Wright, CB #29: Dude has been on fire this preseason making plays and seems to be a camp favorite after two great games against GB and Dallas. The former Colton High School and USC Trojan could make a run for either an aging Quentin Jammer or overrated Antoine Cason spot.

2. Kendall Reyes, DT #91: I really like Reyes to take over another aging players spot Jacques Cesaire and the previous two games he has taken first-team reps. He’s a big, physical player who can block some holes. (Oh, stop)

1. (Duh) Melvin Ingram, LB/what can he not do #54: Mr. T-Rex arms himself has shown his critics that he can dominate one on one and can get to the QB. Let’s face it, Larry English is done and he (Ingram) is the Chargers only hope besides Barnes and Phillips to get pressure.

Dislike: The S*t that scares me:

3. Wide Receivers: If you look back at 2010 when Mr. Cry-More V-J held out almost all of 2010, the Wide Receiver corps had to step up and they are going to need that again this year. Meachem can be #1 receiver (my spoiler was Vincent Brown but that went to sh*t) I’m hoping guys like Eddie Royal can step up in the short game, Malcom Floyd needs to be more physical as well stay healthy for once. This brings me to my next dislike.

2. Health/Philip Rivers: We are barely three weeks into preseason and three starters are lost for some time (that’s just life in the NFL). Chargers could use a break from the injury bug, but it’s part of the risk in bringing in veteran players. In order to win this year, plain and simple, injuries need to be lowered. Philip has got to make better decisions and hopefully he can stay upright, otherwise the franchise QB will keep will continue to be scrutinized.

1. O-Line: The last two years the O-Line has been average at BEST. Now I can’t question a big man’s work ethic but the Chargers line is as strong as its weakest link and right now Jared Gaither is a big missing piece to the puzzle. If undrafted rookie Mike Harris is the starter come week one in Oakland, keep the kiddies out of the room because there will be some profanity.

Schedule Prediction:

1. @Oak- L

2. Tenn- W

3. Atl- L

4. @KC- W

5. @NO- W

6. Den- L

8. @Cle- W

9. KC-L

10. @TB- W

11. @DEN- L

12. BAL- W

13. CIN- W

14. @PIT- L

15. CAR-L

16. @NYJ-W

17. OAK- W

9-7 3nd AFC West

(Feel Free to criticize these predictions. They won’t be right anyway. In short, don’t [expletive] up again Bolts!)

(Boasting note: In five fantasy football leagues this season so wish for luck or lose I love football!)

-Thanks for staying awake,

Ryan Pedersen

About peder005

Senior writer for CasuallyGinger, Boltbeat.com and farmclub.net Covering San Diego sports, popular topics and just mainly sports as my passion.

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  1. Good stuff Pedey. You are an enjoyable sports writer. I do however have to lol at the “W” prediction in New Orleans. Essentially nobody can beat that team in the superdome, let alone the “Chargers are going to the superbowl”ers….

  2. See if anything I got your attention hah. But yes there is probably 0% chance of them winning in the dome or “deaumx?” and the preseason super bowls every year are done, hell just making the playoffs will be hard enough.

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