How Bout Dem Cowboys!

I know it may be a bit premature to hype up a team that is already over-hyped but HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS! Over the past three years, The Cowboys have been nothing but mediocre. They’ve averaged a mere 8 wins with all the talent in the world (insert Roy Williams). But on Wednesday night when ‘MERICA’s team took the field at the Meadowlands, it was a new resurgent team that faced the defending Super Bowl champs (God I hate saying that) the New York Giants.

Early on in the game Tony Romo threw a pick that had everyone (including my ginger Editor-In-Chief) saying “Here we go again!” What came next even astonished me (Dallas’ biggest hipster fan), a defense that kept the Giants from scoring and a head coach that was a bit overzealous that the FCC couldn’t contain his expression (F! yes). That would set the tone for the remainder of the game, where instead of going down by 7 the defense allowed 3 points and let the offense get back to work.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my admiration for Kevin Ogletree was as abundant as the meatball crew’s love for Parker, Arizona (seriously that place should be burnt down!) After three unproductive years with the cowboys I had thrown in the towel for Ogletree and was amongst the many petitioning to have him removed from the team (hell, I would drive to texas myself and boot him out of there after all the dropped passes). But like all great coaches, Jason Garrett decided to give him one last chance and boy was he ever more right! Ogletree had a career high in receptions, yards, touchdowns and even camera spotlights. From undrafted free agent, unwanted, un-insert any slanderous terms Kevin Ogletree defied all odds and rocked out with his C@$% OUT!

So to bring an end to this love letter which is obviously addressed to the Dallas Cowboys and it’s flamboyant owner JERRY Mutha F#$ken Jones, I say thank you for once again introducing hope and affording me the opportunity to say HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS! Eff you Seattle don’t think I don’t see you.

This message is approved and certified by MAOR LEVI


– Levi Martinez

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I am a college student at CSUSM

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  1. Having the Cowboys being over hyped is an understatement. However, Wednesday night was a very big night for Tony Romo and Oggletree, knowing both had something to prove but people were expecting to see Tony Romo play (:P). What should be considered is the possible “super bowl hang over” being endured by the NY Giants, as well as their inconsistency in the beginning of the year. being a die hard charger fan i know all about that. Putting all that aside you cant take away that Romo looked as good as ever, and its never easy to win in the meadow lands. will the win the NFC East? we shall see, Eagles are off to a shaky start despite their sunday win but RG3 is seeming to have a great welcome party into the NFL and will prove to get even more comfortable as the season goes along and won’t be too surprised is the Redskins sneak up the Jerry Jones’ precious jewels.

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