The 49ers Are Golden Again

There’s only a couple things I hate about Week One in Football’s Regular Season – 1) People, not fans, jumping off the bandwagon of teams and players so fast that they hurt their ankle more than Ryan Mathews gets hurt (I had to) and 2) Getting so overwhelmed and hyped up with a team that you make crazy proclamations about how good they are with 16 weeks left in the Season.  Well…I’m about to hate myself because after Week One you have to crown the 49ers as the team to beat in the NFC and potentially the NFL.

The San Francisco 49ers went on the road in Week One to face one of the best offenses in the NFL and arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers, and dominated that game from start to finish.  The score, 30-22, does not do justice as to how much the 49ers outplayed the Packers (It should have been 30-15 if it wasn’t for a bogus pick up of the flag on a blatant block in the back call, but don’t even get me started on this shitty refs).  Alex Smith was the better quarterback on the field outplaying last years MVP, Frank Gore was his usual Week One self averaging seven yards a carry, Randy Moss made his triumphant return to Lambeau Field scoring his first Touchdown in two years, and the defense was, of course, dominant at every aspect.  The winner of this game was going to be favored in the NFC and the 49ers, rightfully so, should be the team to beat.

The media is completely blowing this game out of proportion asking “Should the Packers be worried?”, and that’s an absolutely ridiculous question only conjured up because it is week one.  The Packers still have the best QB in the NFL and should win that division, it’s one game. Get over it.  The 49ers will see you in the playoffs.

I initially had the 49ers as a better team with a worse record at 11-5, but after beating the Packers it is hard to see a game where the 49ers would be underdogs other than when they visit the New Orleans Saints (who lost to a rookie) and the New England Patriots (rightfully so).  I am officially changing my prediction to 14-2 and home field advantage in the NFC.  See, hating yourself isn’t so bad, especially when your team is good…I mean really good.

Now to the teams that should be worried (now I’ve committed two of my cardinal sins):

  • Seattle Seahawks.  Everyone’s media darling, even Bill Simmons (my favorite sports columnist) picked them to not only make the playoffs, but to win the Super Bowl.  Ridiculous.  I understand the media love for Russel Wilson, he was a great college player, he’s short (which most of the media is, and being short I understand the bond), he’s apparently a great leader and lights up a room/huddle when he walks in.  But everyone is also forgetting, he’s a rookie — a short rookie who was taken in the 3rd round.  The Seahawks have a great defense that will only get better, a running attack, and some weapons around Russell Wilson, but he isn’t gonna transform this team into the NFC West Champs overnight, let alone a Super Bowl contender.
  • Buffalo Bills.  Ouch.  They let the Jets, the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets, score 48 on them! 48! I hate the Preseason, but they couldn’t even score in the Preseason!  This is a team that spent a buttload of money on Mario Williams to improve that defense and to contend for a Wild Card spot in the weaker AFC, but they got absolutely destroyed and Ryan Fitzpatrick struggled again, which begs the question, “How the F did he get a $60 million contract?!”
  • New Orleans Saints.  I love RG3 and think he’s going to be a great Quarterback, I even think the Rams should’ve kept him and traded Sam Bradford because RG3 is that good!  But in his first game he lit up the Saints.  You may have heard, the Saints had a rather tough season and they are being coached by the Interim to the Interim Head Coach, but still the Saints play in the 2nd toughest place to play in the NFL (Seattle) and they didn’t lost at home all of last year.  Now they let a rookie come in and completely shred them for the greatest first game by a rookie quarterback in the NFL history (Sorry, Cam).  Maybe the bounty and losing your Head Coach for the season will affect them, especially when you have the Atlanta Falcons in your division.
  • Carolina Panthers. I almost had more rushing yards than the Panthers, just an abysmal performance against a team that absolutely quit on their coach last year.  The Buccaneers and mainly Gerald McCoy played exceptional to hold the Panthers run game at bay, but if you’re the Panthers and you have paid every single person to run the ball in that offense $40 million then you should be able to run the damn ball.  Ugly stuff.

All that being said don’t hurt yourself jumping off these bandwagons or trying to jump on the 49ers (I see you all you people that abandoned them for 9 years trying to come back, we don’t want you!).

-Lance Cartelli

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  1. The packers may have been the team to beat last year but this year the team to beat was the defending super champs, which of course Merica’s team did (HOW BOUT DEM #COWBOYS) #statementgame…see you in the playoffs!

  2. Yeah Levi how bout them #Cowbos.. Serious though #Cowboys will make some noise. #49ers what I can say.. you beat one of the best now you can say you are the best it’s as simple as that. Maybe a 90’s rematch of Cowboys/Niners. That’s what the NFL would want, ratings $$.

    Mathews.. I would hate you Lance but god the guy is just made of glass. What kind of conditioning was Fresno St. running Levi san-ta mariaaaaaaa

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