The Autumn Wind is a Long Snapper

The Autumn Wind is a Long Snapper 

The San Diego Chargers defeated the Oakland Raiders 22-14 on Monday night in front of a West Coast and sleepy East Coast television audience to what turned out to be a lackluster game. (I’m sorry to the east coast people who stayed up for such a sloppy performance.)

Man, finally the Black Hole was loud and full for once, but the Nation will forever remember this name, Trevor Goethel. The Raiders backup Long Snapper, who hadn’t snapped an actual game since his days at Vista High School, stepped in for the mid-game concussed All-Pro Jon Condo. What could’ve gone wrong DID go wrong for Oakland, I almost feel bad (almost) a la David Binn 2010 for you Bolt fans.

Now the Chargers benefitted from this greatly, because the offense as far as the run game goes was a no-show (Ryan Mathews will be needed ASAP!) Special teams absolutely gets the game ball thanks to a healthy leg from Nate “Regular Season” Kaeding and a great punt block on Shane Lechler from Dante Rosario. Defense gets a “Most Improved” award for not getting totally pushed over by Darren McFadden (Just 32 yards rushing, but 86 receiving) and putting pressure on Carson Palmer. (Chargers also benefitted from no Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford) and all guts award to Quentin Jammer for playing the rest of the game with a broken hand. (As pops used to say “Just run it out” damn that must’ve hurt).

After a most forgettable but not completely horrible season from Philip Rivers last year, finally a game with no interceptions! Hallelujah! But the red zone woes HAVE to be addressed; great teams take advantage of the others mistakes. Mike Harris (Rookie) held up okay against a punishing Raiders Defense, Harris will be filling in for a forever made in glass Jared Gaither.

Overall, the Chargers performance on top of a Raiders meltdown was good enough for San Diego to win, but not a lot of people are impressed as they were expected to come out with the “W”. For now they will continue to be out of the spotlight.  Now looking forward to another challenge Sunday (not just with ticket sales) against Chris Johnson, Kamerion Wimbley (I’m sorry Philip) and the Tennessee Titans this Sunday.

Oppa gangnam style,

– Ryan Pedersen

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  1. Curious if “regular season” Kaeding is your slogan? Cause if so you should copy right that. Might have.also wanted to mention Gates’ bruised ribs, and thank for giving Rivers the only credit he deserves in the game and that was no interceptions. Will see how Tennessee goes since I’ll be at the game 🙂

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