Ryan Pedersen: Bayou Blame Game, Chargers Fall to 3-2

Before the 2012 season started here on the Casual Ginger Blogging Network, I made some predictions on the 2012 San Diego Chargers season. My good friend Alexander Hand had quite a what the kids call a “LOL” when he saw my prediction to beat dem’ Saints in the Benz Dome. Xander, I’m a man to admit you were right. Not only did former Charger Drew Brees lead his Saints from a deficit in the 4th quarter to the Saints first win on the year. (Give credit to NOLA they are way better than what their record shows despite an atrocious defense)

So far my record is on point with the Bolts with some backwards picks but 3-2 is where I had them at this point going into this coming Monday showdown with Peyton and the Broncos.

Oak – L
Tenn – W
Atl – L
KC – W
NO – W

I can gripe on for days about how that game finished, from Gaither trying to tough out a groin injury on the final drive to (Ingram’s hit on Brees). But 3-2 is what the record is and San Diego, thanks to New England’s win on Denver, has potentially the biggest division game of the season. A battle for the AFC Worst lead (or tie) is on the line and if the predictions I had from a couple months back are true, the Bolts will need help from Denver’s opponents to win the West this year.

Game Ball: Drew Brees
Honorable Mention: Ryan Mathews
Dolt(s) of the game: Chargers secondary

Bigby Rastafari Jah Dig,


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