Ryan Pedersen: Orange Crushed; Chargers 3-3 at the Bye

Well I hate to break the bad news to you Charger fans, but Aztec basketball season tickets are sold out for the season but there are wonderful seats left for the “Yale of the North County” CSUSM Cougars game I’m sure. (Yes, I made up that nickname) Oh and judging by Facebook and my lovely Monday night spent at the Q, the Chargers lost and lost real bad.

The Chargers once again continue to find ways to let teams back into games in the 2nd half. I remember saying at halftime with a 24-0 lead over Denver, that Peyton would come back (same against New England, Atlanta..) and judging by the first drive of the 2nd half I knew it was way too easy and Peyton had a whole new approach to what looked like a tired Charger team in the 2nd half. Maybe Atari Bigby was getting his Rasta on in the locker room at halftime, I don’t know.

How you lose a lead like that is beyond me, that one will be tough to get over but it’s all about how you bounce back. What kind of team are the Chargers? Going into the second half of the season, will their confidence disappear or will they rise up? It all starts in two weeks where they will take on the Dawg Pound and the Cleveland Browns.

Game Ball: Peyton Manning (lets go insurance adjusters, lets go!: youtube it)

Honorable Mention: The fans that had to sit next to this guy all game, props.

Dolt(s) of the Game: San Diego Chargers (Seriously Cason, stop celebrating after you make a play, you’re the worst corner in the galaxy.)


Ryan Pedersen

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