Ryan Pedersen: Local Winners and Losers

Losers: Chargers- Even in a bye week, the Chargers still find way to make news. The NFL may come down on the Bolts for using a sticky substance that was deemed illegal after the 1980’s. Allegedly the culprit is a towel the team has been using for 10 seasons to clean off game balls and gloves. Coach Turner and the Chargers denied these allegations. Even in a bye week the Chargers get caught for “cheating”?. SMH. Look for a possible draft pick loss or fine coming if guilty.

Winners: Padres- The new owners of the Padres finally makes a move the fans have wanted since Petco Park opened. The deepest parks of the park are being moved in from 402 feet to 390 feet. The visitor bullpen, that was located on the right field foul territory, is being moved to the bullpen next to the Pads bullpen. This is great and all but if the bulk of the roster still can’t drive in runs this move won’t matter, regardless of weather.

Loser: Bill Johnston- For those of you who don’t know he is, he’s the head PR Director for the San Diego Chargers. Johnston recently wrote an article after one of the most difficult losses in team history telling the fan base to “Take a Chill Pill” and asks “What’s wrong with you people?” I for one thought his article was spot on, but even though I agree with Johnston, lots of fans were at an uproar, after all the fans are what make the NFL possible. Well just add this to the annual list of “It’s A.J. and Norv’s fault”

Winners: San Diego State Basketball- Both Men’s and Women’s basketball teams were projected to finish 1st in the Mountain West Conference with the Men’s team ranked 20th in Preseason Poll while the Women’s ranked 25th in the Nation. Looks like a new favorite has emerged in our little town of Saint Diago.

Ultimate Winner: Former hometown stars- Vincent Jackson seems to love the room he has in Tampa after a 217-yard game. Darren Sproles with Drew Brees continue to do well even in a Goddell handicapped season. Former Padre manager Bruce Bochy has now made his second World Series appearance in three years.

Chargers will face our other cursed sports city leper cousin Cleveland when the Browns host the Chargers Sunday. (Least the Bolts win the best “off-season weather city” award).


Ryan Pedersen

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Senior writer for CasuallyGinger, Boltbeat.com and farmclub.net Covering San Diego sports, popular topics and just mainly sports as my passion.

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