Ryan Pedersen: Buccaneers Stop Rivers. Chargers fall to 4-5

Here we go again. Chargers go from a decent first half to blowing the second half to probably one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Chargers continue to struggle versus decent to elite teams. The Chargers fall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-24 in front of a small crowd in Tampa.  The Bolts 4-5 record is very deserving. Out of the teams they have beaten, they have a combined record of just nine wins. Now the Bolts struggle from continuing the mediocrity train to just looking forward to being mediocre again.

If the Chargers do not beat Denver this weekend the Chargers will be behind Denver by four games with the head-to-head been swept, in that case the AFC West would be long gone and this isn’t the Jay Cutler Broncos of the past, the Broncos would roll to the AFC West title for the second year in a row. If that would the Chargers have a wild card shot? Doubtful. Their record versus out of division teams is terrible right now at just 1-5 and would pretty much have to win out to have a shot at a wildcard birth. But I digress, the Chargers just need A win and they can’t play Kansas City every week unfortunately.

Now the topic everyone’s been fired up about, and that’s Philip Rivers. Each year his QB rating has slowly declined with interceptions increasing. This year when games are down to the wire he hasn’t come through. Is it completely his fault? Well judging by the pick six Sunday it seems like it but when every game this season you have been running for your life, it’s hard to place the blame completely on him. To me. losing the rock at your line in Kris Dielman’s retirement badly hurt the Chargers this year, with no plan for whom to replace him, more so than losing Vincent Jackson but surely V.J. is thanking his agent for getting him away from the “Lord of No Rings”.

Game Ball: Danario Alexander- The Jared Gaither of 2012, but it might be too late.

Honorable mention: Tampa Bay- S.D. not the only ones having problems selling tickets.

Dolt of the Game: Philip Rivers- I’m sorry but you can’t do this.

– Ryan Pedersen

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Senior writer for CasuallyGinger, Boltbeat.com and farmclub.net Covering San Diego sports, popular topics and just mainly sports as my passion.

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