Ryan Pedersen: Slim and None, Chargers Lose Five of Six; Swept by Denver

By now in this part of the season, teams are starting to pull away and we are finding out who the contenders and pretenders are. Chargers lost their fifth of sixth game Sunday in Denver 30-23. Chargers flat out need a miracle to make the playoffs at this rate with Denver pulling to a three game lead in the AFC West. Now, you have a Ravens team coming into the Q who are looking to push their lead in the AFC North (By the way, Ed Reed will play thanks to the reduced suspension to just a fine. Season just gets better and better.)

Chargers O-line continues to be a turnstile for Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil, who were chomping at the bit to face an easy Jeromey Clary and struggling rookie Mike Harris. The Chargers were out-matched, out-played and out-coached yet again. At this rate you can forget about playoff talk, just talk about who the heck can the Chargers beat? Carolina? Pittsburgh? Who knows?

Chargers fans I’m sure have started a countdown to the day Norv and A.J. get fired. It’s not an encouraging sign when your owner leaves the field with two minutes to play when they’re only down by six and Philip Rivers hands the ball to the ref with ten seconds to play in the 4th Quarter. But for now it’s probably a good idea to just stay with the program until the end, although it’s not good for ticket sales that Turner is still the coach with four more home games left.  It has been announced that the Chargers did not sell out the game verse the Ravens and will not be seen locally.

Game Ball: WR Danario Alexander: 2 TD’s, 96 yards. Alexander is finding a rhythm with Rivers (WR Robert Meachem has had a year to find a rhythm.)

Honorable Mentions: Eric Weddle, Kendall Reyes and Donald Butler. All have had a great season despite the losing.

Dolt of the Game: Chargers offense. Ryan Mathews is slowly becoming a bust. The O-Line needs a huge facelift and the WR core is average with an aging Tight End.

Gee Golly,

Ryan Pedersen

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Senior writer for CasuallyGinger, Boltbeat.com and farmclub.net Covering San Diego sports, popular topics and just mainly sports as my passion.

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