Ryan Pedersen: 4th and 29. Chargers Lose Again. Playoff Hopes Vanish

This season won’t just be remembered for the Chargers record in the end. It won’t be totally remembered for the 24-0 meltdown on Monday Night. One play has ultimately sunk any playoff hopes for San Diego. Chargers fell to the Baltimore Ravens 16-13 in overtime Sunday. History has repeated itself from 2011 when the Chargers also lost 16-13 at home to Denver in OT.

4th and 29 before time expired in the 4th Quarter, the Ravens backs against the wall and they fought back on a check down to Ray Rice, the Ravens came through on the longest 4th down play conversion since 2001. Once again, the Chargers fail to close a lead and fail to overcome adversity. The Bolts on defense somewhat dominated the Ravens in the first half but so did the Ravens D other than a TD to Malcom Floyd. The Ravens pretty much handed the Chargers a win and in typical fashion — they choked. At this rate, I think Charger fans would take being mediocre again.

Next week expect an even bigger blackout at the Q, the Chargers were about 9,000 short vs. Baltimore. Not sure how much Bengal fans travel but maybe the Chargers can offer a group package to the “Who Dey” Nation if you want to see the game locally Sunday, that or KFMB can buy about 10,000 tickets. Besides, who wants to watch this on tv anyway? Once again, Chargers just need to find a way to win one freaking game to have any respect at all. But keep your heads up Chargers fans; just five more games until Norv Turner is fired.

Game Ball: Ravens Offense- 4th and 29 and converted. What in the Freddie Mitchell is going here!?  

Honorary Mention: Kendall Reyes, Corey Liuget (I can’t give all kudos to just the Ravens)

Dolt of the Game: Chargers O-Line. Commitment to sacks. 

Keep it G,

Ryan Pedersen

About peder005

Senior writer for CasuallyGinger, Boltbeat.com and farmclub.net Covering San Diego sports, popular topics and just mainly sports as my passion.

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