Ryan Pedersen: Steel Alive (Mathematically); Chargers Earn First Win in a Month

No O-line? Yeah, it’s a loss. I’ll just take my 4-9. Haven’t won in Pittsburgh since 1995? Okay, I get it. Missing Donald Butler and Atari Bigby? Alright! LEAVE ME ALONE (whow that got heated) you probably had this down as a loss too, huh? So did I. Chargers, for the first time, win a regular season game at Pittsburgh 34-24 as the Steelers stunningly laid flat for Big Ben’s return at Heinz Field.

All week long, the Chargers were in the spotlight with reports from San Diego Union-Tribune Bea Writer Kevin Acee naming unknown sources that Owner Dean Spanos, planned to fire both head coach Norv Turner and General Manager A.J. Smith by seasons end.

I mean how awkward is that? You think you might be fired going into the end of the season and playing a Steeler team looking to build a wild card lead to the playoffs not to mention arguably getting their best player back from injury. Well, why play hard right? It’s over. It’s done. Apparently the Chargers were good at focusing on blocking out those distractions and fan critics and yet again played well for their coach after yet another firing media threat.

Maybe Kevin Acee can be hired by the Bolts to be some sort of fire coordinator? Norv Turner somehow finds a way to win in December and now Charger fans have tightened their seat belts a little tighter. Oh, and I believe Norv Turner got a game ball from Dean Spanos after the game, maybe a early send off Christmas present?

Of course, a loss this weekend to Superman Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers (plenty of seats available) will end the playoff chances officially for the Chargers. Pretty much a miracle of 2008 proportions but better on top of winning out would have to happen for the Chargers to make the playoffs. But most important, Norv and A.J. are still leaving.. Right? This win Sunday against Pittsburgh was the best game the Chargers had all year, but just too late, again.

Game Ball: Chargers O-Line (seriously, these guys didn’t even know each others names this week)

Honorable Mention: Chargers Defense: All season they have done their job to keep them in games. Corey Luiget: Playing his tail off still after learning of his Illinois teammate and Dallas Cowboy Jerry Brown passing away the day before.

Dolt of the Game: Steelers: You really just let a 4-8 team walk all over you at home?

Charger fans have any “Chill Pills” left for Steeler Nation?

– Ryan Pedersen


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