Ryan Pedersen: Chargers Officially Eliminated From the Playoffs; Future Cloudy

This week’s beat down loss to the Carolina Panthers officially put the nail in the coffin for the San Diego Chargers 2012 season as far as any relevancy or respect. The lone highlights of the game, besides former Bolt Mike Tolbert dancing away to two touchdowns, was Antonio Gates touchdown tying Lance Alworth for career touchdowns, a feat well deserved in what was a gloomy afternoon.

Officially the lowest attendance since 2004 at the Q and most of the Charger fans left once it was 21-0 by the end of the 1st quarter. From beginning to the end sad times for sure this season, there was absolutely no energy in the crowd minus a few Panthers fans there.

So where do they go from here? At this rate, it’s time for guys who haven’t shined all year to prove themselves the next two games for free agency. Half or more of this team will be dismantled by seasons end, which includes a new head coach and general manager. Some key questions will include what to do with Ryan “Broken Clavicle King” Mathews and struggling Philip Rivers with his turnstile O-Line. The next two opponents in the Jets and Raiders, along with the Chargers are just fighting for jobs next season. (EDIT: Greg McElroy will start Sunday instead of Mark Sanchez via ESPN every five minutes Tuesday.)

Sad to say, but I expected a 7-9 season back in August for the Chargers but I just couldn’t get excited about this roster and there wasn’t a bonafide star on this team. Things could get worse than 9 losses and right now your looking at the seventh pick in the first round come April.

In years past you the Chargers had Vincent Jackson or LaDainian Tomlinson, something fans can attach to as one of the NFL’s best players, they just need to find that one or more players again.

Game Ball: Antonio Gates- One of the best Tight End’s ever and ties Lance Alworth for TD’s all time. Not bad for the undrafted former college basketball player.

Honorable Mention: Former Chargers: Panthers RB Mike Tolbert shined with 2 TD’s.

Dolt of the game/year: 2012 San Diego Chargers. This season had little expectation, but now the windows have closed and no one has any idea where this franchise is going besides maybe Los Angeles. Is this team just a year fix? Two years? Three? Maybe more?

– Ryan Pedersen


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