Casually Ginger’s Top 10 Films + TV Shows of 2012


It’s been a crazy year in Film, the year of the Comic Book Movies with The Avengers, The Amazing Spider Man and the end of The Dark Knight Trilogy.  We also saw a freed slave kill a buncha white people, an animated teddy bear come to life, Liam Neeson was badass again punching throats and killing wolves in Taken 2 and The Grey, respectively.  Minds were blown in Cloud Atlas, being a wallflower was somehow cool, and odds were ever in our favor.  What made my top 10 films and television shows?  Check it out below!

2012 Top 10 Films:

10. Safety Not Guaranteed

9. Cloud Atlas

8. The Hunger Games

7. End of Watch

6. Ted

5. Argo

4. Silver Linings Playbook

3. Django Unchained

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Honorable Mentions: The Avengers, The Grey, 21 Jump Street, Lincoln, 

2012 TV Shows:

10. The Walking Dead

9. Shameless

8. Community

7. Parks and Recreation

6. Sons of Anarchy

5. The New Girl

4. Justified

3. Homeland

2. The Newsroom

1. Game of Thrones

Honorable Mentions: The League, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dexter, Workaholics, ESPNs 30 for 30

Agree/Disagree with me?  Comment away loyal readers!

– Lance Cartelli


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