Ryan Pedersen: Tom Telesco, Mike McCoy Era Begins in San Diego


The Chargers wasted no time (ok, a couple days) in hiring former Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy after their playoff upset loss last Saturday to the Baltimore Ravens. Many teams in offensive trouble like the Chargers, highly pursued McCoy. Other potential head coaching candidates that interviewed since the seasons end had flown in commercially, but Dean Spanos sent a personal jet to pick up Mr. McCoy after he sent the Wolf to hire Indy’s Tom Telesco as the new GM and now Mike McCoy as the 15th Head Coach in Chargers history.

McCoy’s NFL coaching career started in Carolina from 2000-2008 as an assistant then he was hired by the Broncos in 2009 with HC John Fox to coach Kyle Orton to a career-high passing season. Not sure about McCoy you say? After all he did coach Tim Tebow to a playoff win in 2011, if he can coach Tebow he can coach Philip Rivers (granite he gets an actual offensive line).

The youth movement in San Diego has high praise so far, fans are actually excited for their coach and GM (for now) and media is happy that they are happy (for now). Now that the Coach and GM are hired, both of them are barely into there 40’s and Chargers have clearly gone to the youth movement in what was Norv/AJ who were both over 60. The feeling overall of the Chargers has to be limitless; you can only go up from here potentially. The stain that was A.J. Smith and Norv Turner are gone and thrown out and a new clean slate is in with Telesco and McCoy. This will probably be Dean Spanos last hire as president unless McCoy has a horrendous few seasons and this will lead to the transition of future president and nepotism extraordinaire, John Spanos.

Happy Championship Sunday (@CasuallyGinger)

Ryan Pedersen

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