Well, that happened.  I’ve seen the movie Catfish and was equally weirded out and confused that someone could be duped that badly into falling for a make believe person over the internet and social networks.  Today, we are all naive and Catfish-ed, we all got #Te’o’d.  The act or hashtagged act of being #Te’o’d is making up a fake dead girlfriend in hopes of winning a Heisman Trophy, becoming a media star, and to potentially hide other personal truths about yourself.  It’s pretty much Super Catfished.  #Te’o’d.

The first question that comes to mind after being shocked and blindsided by being #Te’o’d was, “He was totally compliant with this right?…RIGHT?!”  Manti Te’o released a statement saying he was the one that got duped, not that he was part of it.  Which makes him sound pretty dumb but also like the victim.  But there’s no way an athlete that plays at the prestigious Catholic school Notre Dame could be that dumb.  According to the Deadspin report, Te’o’s friend, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is the one that created the imaginary girl Lennay Kukuo.  Te’o would talk to her every day, and while she had “cancer” he would talk to her every night and fall asleep on the phone with her for up to eight hours.  Yet, he said he met her after a Stanford versus Notre Dame game, but the first time they really met was through Twitter.  Why would he lie about that?  Why has he never met her?  How could someone of such high profile fall for that?

My next question that popped into my head was more deep.  Are we really real? What is real?  Are we all in The Matrix?  Do you exist?  Is there a spoon? 

There is no spoon.

This is a crazy story.  Probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in sports.  It seems like a High School prank that went wrong.  Albeit, a really really really good High School Prank that would get you on the MTV Greatest Pranks show.  It reads like a ploy to get on the national stage for a chance to become the Heisman Trophy winner.  To become the first defensive Heisman Trophy winner since Charles Woodson.  Or was it something else?  A superstar collegiate athlete that goes to a very strict Catholic school, hmmmm. Hopefully more truth comes out on this very bizarre, yet wildly addicting story.

Just remember — There is no spoon.

– Lance Cartelli

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