The Casual Ginger(s)

  1. Knowing that i live with the “casual ginger” himself, im never afraid to state my opinion. However, after strongly agreeing with the frist two picks in your top, I was severely surprised that Vernon Davis was considered a sleeper. Vernon, in my opinion would be the obvious second to thrid round pick depending on when you take a tight end. Also was surprised not to see either Ray Rice or Jamal Charles as another running back, but since Charles has been on the I.R. more than the field i can understand that. Knowing that the great “Mighty Mouse,” (as i like to call him) a.k.a. MJD is having bitter contract disputes i can see why Shady McCoy would be your best running back under Arian Foster. Either way I will be taking all into consideration come Saturday Morning.

    Very much enjoyed reading this review, feel Grantland would be foolish not to consider it, but then again what do I know.

  2. Lance and Levi,

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