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Levi Martinez: A Very Cowboy Christmas

Why hello to the loyal fan base of Casually Ginger it’s been awhile since…Well let’s be honest…Your favorite blogger posted and for that, I must apologize.

Now it would be easy to blame all the hectic events in my life that have transpired over the past few months but let’s put that all aside, after all it is the holiday season. Normally during this time I’m happy to be home amongst the very people I call my family. However this year I can’t hope but to have a little extra optimism for my Dallas Cowboys. Yes, the very same franchise that has deprived me of post-season contention for the better part of the last decade and a half. However, this year when one could clearly make a thousand arguments as to why the Cowboys shouldn’t even been a hot topic they have done just that – surprised the football nation.

After Sean Lee, Bruce Carter and the rest of the interior defense went on Injured Reserve, I was like, “Well looks like its time to start focusing on draft day for 2013”.  I am man enough to admit the fact that I had lost hope on my team, thrown in the towel, if you may, but to my disbelief with what seems like the cast from the Replacements the Cowboys have rallied to win 5 of the last 6 games**. Tony Romo, the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys — nay — “My Quarterback” has done the unthinkable, WIN in December against the Eagles, Bengals and Steelers.

**[Editors Note:  We have — ON RECORD — that a self-proclaimed Dallas Cowboy fan gave up on his team midway through the season.  You cannot get much more bandwagon-y then that.  AND IT’S ALL ON RECORD!]

There will be a multitude of variables that will undeniably be said as to why the Cowboys have found a new life when all others have discounted them. Was it the terrible incident of Josh Brent (nose tackle) driving home intoxicated with his best friend another cowboys practice squad player Jerry Brown and killing him? Or was it Dez Bryant and Demarcus Ware two highly talented players, each with various injuries (broken finger, bruised elbow, etc) pushing through the pain as to not let their teammates down?  We may never know, but one thing is for certain when the Cowboys take the field against the New Orleans Saints I know what I will be thankful for…besides the well being of my family and friends. Yes, I will be thankful for the Dallas Cowboys instilling hope in me yet again and why not when this world is out to knock you down, people constantly telling you you’re not good enough well to them I say but one thing HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS.

Alas my fellow readers,

Maor Gaffer Levi


How Bout Dem Cowboys!

I know it may be a bit premature to hype up a team that is already over-hyped but HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS! Over the past three years, The Cowboys have been nothing but mediocre. They’ve averaged a mere 8 wins with all the talent in the world (insert Roy Williams). But on Wednesday night when ‘MERICA’s team took the field at the Meadowlands, it was a new resurgent team that faced the defending Super Bowl champs (God I hate saying that) the New York Giants.

Early on in the game Tony Romo threw a pick that had everyone (including my ginger Editor-In-Chief) saying “Here we go again!” What came next even astonished me (Dallas’ biggest hipster fan), a defense that kept the Giants from scoring and a head coach that was a bit overzealous that the FCC couldn’t contain his expression (F! yes). That would set the tone for the remainder of the game, where instead of going down by 7 the defense allowed 3 points and let the offense get back to work.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my admiration for Kevin Ogletree was as abundant as the meatball crew’s love for Parker, Arizona (seriously that place should be burnt down!) After three unproductive years with the cowboys I had thrown in the towel for Ogletree and was amongst the many petitioning to have him removed from the team (hell, I would drive to texas myself and boot him out of there after all the dropped passes). But like all great coaches, Jason Garrett decided to give him one last chance and boy was he ever more right! Ogletree had a career high in receptions, yards, touchdowns and even camera spotlights. From undrafted free agent, unwanted, un-insert any slanderous terms Kevin Ogletree defied all odds and rocked out with his C@$% OUT!

So to bring an end to this love letter which is obviously addressed to the Dallas Cowboys and it’s flamboyant owner JERRY Mutha F#$ken Jones, I say thank you for once again introducing hope and affording me the opportunity to say HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS! Eff you Seattle don’t think I don’t see you.

This message is approved and certified by MAOR LEVI


– Levi Martinez

The Doomsday Cocktail

I don’t know what it is about Fluxx, party buses and going out on #TT (Thirsty Thursday’s) that makes me an over zealous five year old. One thing I’ve learned from this miserable day is that fatigue, cross fit and alcohols (damn you @swarshaw321!) don’t mix very well; which is how I came up with The Doomsday Cocktail. But before I get into that hot-mess I need you to bear with me as I recap the night.
4:45 PM:  GO TIME! I bolted straight home for what was supposed to be a quick workout and out the door by 6:30PM with a fifth of vodka in one hand and cactus cooler (world’s greatest chaser) in the other. So what really happened you might ask? SLT (Standard Levi Time); for those of you unfamiliar with the term it was coined by the very same people I call “my friends” for the simple fact that I always run late!
7:30 PM: Now I’m with no vodka, no chaser and extremely fatigued from working out (it was day 4 of cross fit/soccer/conditioning.) By the time we rounded up the troops, got “El Gordo” motivated to get off his @**and ready to go clubbing as well as stop by a friend’s house for a quick pregame the clock had struck 9! Fast forward to this morning.
6 AM: Waking up to @TRISHlikeFISH is yelling some O-Team chant and @123BrianB rambling some hoopla speech he’s supposed to give in two hours time. So what happened between 9PM till 6AM? The Doomsday Cocktail, the perfect combination of fatigue, alcohol and #DerpStepbeats! It’s still hard to make out what exactly took place but somehow in the midst of things I spent too much at the bar, gorged on pizza (diet ruined!) and saw my friend @userfrk4455 grind a midget (unverified). So if you ever want to experience one of these famous mixology cocktails; gather the following ingredients:
  • Overwork your body by signing up to a cross fit/body boot camp class that will leave you walking bowlegged 

  • Have a plethora of alcohol (the more tequila the better!)

  • Have an entourage whose only purpose in life is to see your demise

P.S. the cure is what I call a “filthy” iced chai (3 espresso shots!)  ENJOY >:)
Notable mention thanks @whatdeeheck for the car ride and “organic” lotion
– Levi Martinez aka @mrcasualhipster
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